Wex® Multipurpose Wetting Agent

Wex® Multipurpose Wetting Agent

SKU Size (weight)
002071   Two jugs ( 2.5 gallons each )   *
002097   55 gallon drum  
002100   250-gallon mini-bulk (cage tote)  


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Improves liquid fertilizer and pesticide coverage and penetration
Maximizes the effectiveness of liquid-applied fertilizer and pesticides with improved suspension. Exclusive, nutrient-related action (NRA) technology stimulates root development, improving water and nutrient absorption. Results include increased root mass, higher organic matter and higher yields. Soil amendment application rates are one pint to one quart per acre. (Consult specific pesticide labels for usage rates.)

  • Improves penetration and knocks down foam
  • Increases yields when applied at higher rates

New Cage Tote package for mini-bulk orders