Feedstore® Live Microbial Hay Inoculant

Feedstore® Live Microbial Hay Inoculant

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Bale small square bales at moisture levels up to 25 percent
Baling at higher moisture levels prevents leaf loss, resulting in increased protein, enhanced feed value, and greater tonnage per acre This water-soluble powder is the product of choice for applications at the baler. One 100 gram packet treats 25 tons of hay.

  • Increases protein, feed value and palatability
  • Retains dry matter and nutritional value

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

What is the application rate of Feedstore® live hay inoculant?

Mix one 150 gram packet with one gallon of water, then combine this mixture with 11.5 gallons of water. Use non-chlorine water. This 12.5 gallon solution is to be applied to 25 tons of hay at a rate of 2 quarts per ton.

*NOTE: Chlorine levels higher than 2-3 ppm have been shown to be harmful to live bacteria.

How many tons of baled hay will one packet of Feedstore® Live Hay Inoculant treat?

One 100 gram packet of Feedstore Live Hay Inoculant will treat 25 tons of baled hay.

What is Feedstore® Live Hay Inoculant?

Feedstore Live Hay Inoculant provides viable bacteria to hay at the baler.

Feedstore Live Hay Inoculant is designed to allow harvesting hay at moisture levels up to 18-23% (depending upon bale size) helping to maintain more leaves resulting in improved nutritional quality of the hay, while minimizing the opportunity for mold growth.

For hay, when should I use Pro-Serve® and when should I use Feedstore® Live Hay Inoculant?

Both Pro-Serve and Feedstore Live Hay inoculant are intended for use on baled hay. Pro-Serve is recommended at time of cutting, conditioning or baling. Use Feedstore only at the baler.