Home Run® Methylated Soy Adjuvant

Home Run® Methylated Soy Adjuvant

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Increases herbicide performance and penetration into leaves
Maximizes surface spreading and penetration, and increases pesticide activity under low humidity and high temperature conditions. One to 2 pints per acre or 1 to 5 quarts per 100 gallons of spray solution.

  • Improves post-emergent herbicide performance
  • Disperses easily for trouble-free mixing

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

What is Home RunĀ®?

Home Run® Methylated Soy Adjuvant is an additive designed for use with post-emergent pesticides, especially herbicides requiring the use of crop oil or crop oil concentrates. Home Run® is a unique blend of highly-refined and modified spray oil and superior nonionic surfactants.

Home Run's® unique chemistry allows for superior wetting and absorption of those pesticides or products where the addition of an oil adjuvant to improve coverage is recommended.

The addition of Home Run® to a spray tank solution improves a spray application by physically modifying the deposition and wetting characteristics of the spray solution, resulting in a more uniform spray deposit.

When should I use Conklin's Home RunĀ®?

When the chemical label calls for addition of a crop oil or crop oil concentrate to improve pesticide performance, especially postemergence herbicides. Follow the chemical label for usage rates.