Feast Sidekick 0-0-25 17S

Feast Sidekick 0-0-25 17S

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038690   Two 2.5-gallon Jugs   *
038711   55 gallon drum  
038750   220-gallon mini-bulk (cage tote)  


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Fortify your liquid starter foliar and sidedress mixes
Feast® Side-Kick 0-0-25 w/17S can be applied to a wide variety of ornamental, turf, greenhouse, and other agricultural crops.

Potassium requirements for most crops increase dramatically during periods of rapid growth and fruit development. Application of Feast Side-Kick should be made based on soil and/or plant tissue analysis for potassium and/or sulfur. To obtain maximum benefits from this product, soil tests and/or plant tissue tests are recommended.

New Cage Tote package for mini-bulk orders