Knock-Out Antifoam Agent

Knock-Out Antifoam Agent

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Prevents foaming for improved spray solutions
Controls both entrained and surface foam in agricultural sprays. Performs well with all agricultural chemicals and is highly recommended for use with glyphosate herbicides. Mix one to two ounces per 100 gallons.

  • Prevents foaming
  • Knocks down foam in spray tanks

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

What is the usage rate for Knock-Out Antifoam/Defoamer?

Knock-Out is effective in recirculating sprayers or other high agitation equipment. Mix one to two ounces per 100 gallons.

  #39487  1 quart
  #39495  case of 4 quarts

What are the benefits of Knock-Out?

Knock-Out helps eliminate foaming in spray tanks and spray solutions. Benefits include:
  Ideal for use with glyphosate
  Excellent for use with all high-foaming herbicides and other pesticides
  Works in all types of spray equipment
  Highly concentrated
  Convenient, easy to use liquid formulation
  Stable – long term shelf life
  Effective at low application rates
  Safe to handle and use
  Compatible with a wide range of agricultural chemicals