Feedstore® Generation II Live Microbial Silage Inoculant

Feedstore® Generation II Live Microbial Silage Inoculant

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055228   100 gram water-dispersible packet (WDP)   *
055236   50 lb. dry granular bag  


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Guards against spoilage, reduces runoff and increases bunk life
Using live microbials, it promotes fast fermentation with minimal loss of nutrients and dry matter. That means more meat or milk when you feed Feedstore-treated silage to your animals. This product, for use in vertical silos, bag systems, high moisture wrapped bales or bunkers, is non-toxic and non-corrosive. One packet or bag treats 50 tons of forage.

  • Retains more ensiled forage dry matter and nutritional value
  • Reduces silage runoff and extends bunk life
  • Protects against spoilage and protein loss

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

What are the primary benefits of Feedstore® Generation II live silage inoculant?

  •   All new enhanced formulation
  •   Two lactic acid-producing bacteria to provide 100,000 CFU of lactic acid per gram of forage
  •   Propionibacterium to provide 10,000 CFU of propionic acid per gram of forage
  •   Five enzymes to support the activity of the bacteria
  •   Much greater stability in storage
  •   Significant improvement in bunk-life after opening and during feedout
  •   All ingredients are non-proteolytic ( will not release protein from the forage before it is fed)
  •   Manufactured under ISO 9002 conditions to insure unsurpassed quality
  •   Same usage rate for silage, haylage, baleage, and high moisture grains

What is the coverage rate for Feedstore® Live Silage Inoculant?

One Feedstore® Live Silage Inoculant 150 gram packet will treat 50 tons of forage. Mix one 150 gram packet with 12.5 gallons (50 quarts) of clean, chlorine-free water. Apply one quart of solution per ton of ensiled forage, including high-moisture grain.