Bull's-Eye® Drift Retardant/Deposition Aid

Bull's-Eye® Drift Retardant/Deposition Aid

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Keeps your spray solution on target
Cuts down on chemical losses by creating larger and more uniform droplets while maintaining an effective spray pattern. By reducing drift, applicator exposure is minimized. Increases accuracy, gives the option to spray in light wind conditions and carries the spray deeper into the canopy. One to 16 ounces treats 100 gallons of spray solution.

  • Larger, more uniform droplets
  • Spray in light wind conditions

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

What is Bull's-Eye®?

Bull's-Eye drift management/deposition aid is a 30% active anionic polyvinyl polymer drift retardant and deposition aid adjuvant. Bull's-Eye increases the surface tension of agricultural solutions forming larger uniform droplets in a general size range of 150 to 200 microns. The increased surface tension reduces the volume of small fragmented, driftable particles allowing for a higher degree of active deposition. Bull's-Eye is compatible with most water soluble and wettable powder pesticides, dessicants and cotton defoliants when applied by aerial application or standard ground spray equipment.

What are the benefits of Bull's-Eye®?

Benefits of Conklin's Bull's-Eye adjuvant include:

  • Forms larger, more uniform spray droplets
  • Reduces drift to non-target areas
  • Increases percentage of material to target plants
  • Improves pesticide efficiency and effectiveness
  • Highly concentrated formulation for more economy
  • Easy to dispense and mix
  • Safe to handle and use

What are the usage rates for Bull's-Eye®?

There is a range of proper usage for Bull's-Eye:

  • 1 to 32 ounces per 100 gallons of solution.
  • Most ag sprays will require 1 to 8 ounces per 100 gallons of solution.
  • Always read the pesticide and Bull's Eye labels for complete information.